Commit e1489341 authored by cijujoseph's avatar cijujoseph

Adding new task due date check

parent fe8601a6
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ import org.activiti.engine.task.Task;
import static com.alfresco.aps.testutils.TestUtilsConstants.*;
import static org.junit.Assert.*;
......@@ -72,8 +73,8 @@ public class UserTaskUnitTest extends AbstractTest {
Task task = taskService.createTaskQuery().singleResult();
unitTestHelpers.assertTaskDueDate(1, task.getDueDate());
unitTestHelpers.assertTaskDueDate(1, TIME_UNIT_DAY, task);
unitTestHelpers.assertUserAssignment("$INITIATOR", task, false, false);
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