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......@@ -36,6 +36,14 @@ The `App` class shows usage of the `MovieRepository` class.
`FilmStats` is a stub class for the first part of your challenge. Feel free to modify this class, or it's contents as part of solving the first problem.
To help you out with answering these questions, you may find the following information about the data useful:
+ Numeric values which are unknown are either stored as 0 or -1
+ String values which are unknown are either the empty string or `null`
+ The data set contains duplicate movie titles. We're not bothered if your results filter out these duplicates or not
Tests (with the correct answers) are provided in `FilmStatsTest`.
### Question Two
For question two, we need you to design and code a simple application. You should structure the classes, tests and any other associated code any way you like in order to solve the challenge.
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