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1. Find some answers to the following questions
a) Find the top 10 highest grossing films
b) Find the top 10 best value for money (grossing v budget)
c) Which actor has been in the most films?
d) Which director and leading actor pairing is the most successful?
2. Create a watch-list
a) Must be able to add items to my to-watch list. You can ony add films to your watch-list that appear in the library. New items are added to the end of the list.
b) Must be able to remove items from my to-watch list.
c) You should be able to get the next movie to watch from the list.
d) You should be able to mark items in the list as "viewed".
e) You should be able to re-order items in the to-watch list.
3. Create an implementation of a video rental store
a) A rental store has a single copy of each movie. A copy of a movie can only be rented by one person.
b) A rental store has N copies of each movie. Each movie can only be rented by N people. The same person can rent a movie N times. It should be possible to list the people who have a particular movie.
c) Each movie rental has a due date for return. It should be possible to find all movies (and people) that are overdue.
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