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Java Coding Puzzle
A potential java coding puzzle
# Java Coding Puzzle
The Alfresco Java Coding Puzzle. This is the skeleton project used as part of the on-site interview process.
You should receive a copy of the instructions for the coding challenge.
As a reminder: **It's less important how much of the challenge you complete, and more important the approach you take to do it**
Good luck.
## About the code
The Java code is Java 8 compatible.
It can be built using Maven. This will also run the tests.
mvn clean package
### Models
Two models are provided as `Film` and `DirectorAndLeadingActorPair`. The `Film` model represents a film, and has many fields. You may not need to use all of the fields as part of the challenge.
`DirectorAndLeadingActorPair` is a class representing a Director and an Actor pairing. You will need it to answer one of the questions as part of the coding challenge.
### Repository
The `MovieRepository` class provides an interface for reading the JSON document (which contains the list of movies), and turns it into a `List<Film>`.
### App
The `App` class shows usage of the `MovieRepository` class.
### Question One
`QuestionOne` is a stub class for the first part of your challenge. Feel free to modify this class, or it's contents as part of solving the first problem.
### Question Two
For question two, we need you to design and code a simple application. You should structure the classes, tests and any other associated code any way you like in order to solve the challenge.
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