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#### The project contains all the components required to create an integration to an Enterprise System Of Records (AWS Oracle RDS)
### Use-Case / Requirement
Build a process to create an integration to MSSQL Database serving as [Enterprise System Of Records](
### Prerequisites to run this demo end-2-end
* Alfresco Process Services (powered by Activiti) (Version 1.9 and above) - If you don't have it already, you can download a 30 day trial from [Alfresco Process Services (APS)]( & help available at [Activiti Docs](, [Alfresco BPM Community](
* The Oracle Database is created as AWS RDS.
## Configuration Steps
### Create the AWS RDS MSSQL DB
Follow the steps per [AWS Documentation]( to create an [AWS MSSQL RDS](
### Connect to the AWS RDS Oracle DB using SQL Developer
### Create datasource for AWS RDS Oracle DB in APS
1. Download the sqljdbc.jar file from [here](
2. Copy the sqljdbc.jar to tomcat/lib location of APS server. eg: /usr/share/tomcat/lib/sqljdbc.jar
3. Restart APS
4. Create data source using the values mentioned in [APS article](
5. ![MSSQL](images/mssql.png)
Name : aps-custom-mssql-db
JDBC URL : jdbc:sqlserver://<aws-db-end-point>:<aws-port>;database=<aws-db-name>
Driver Class :
User Name : db-username
Password : db-password
### Activiti Setup and Process Deployment
1. Import the []( app available in this project into Activiti.
2. Process Flow. ![Process-Flow](images/Process-Flow.png)
3. Data Model Configuration in Process. ![Data-Model-App-Configuration](images/Data-Model-App-Configuration.png)
4. Data Model Configuration in Application. ![Data-Model-DB-Configuration](images/Data-Model-DB-Configuration.png)
5. Publish/Deploy the APS App.
### Run the DEMO
1. Verify the data entered through the APS form: ![Runtime-APS-Form](images/Runtime-APS-Form.png)
1. Verify the data in AWS RDS MSSQL Database using SQL Developer: ![Runtime-DB](images/Runtime-DB.png)
### References
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